Dustin’s Magic Club- Time-Limited Location Edit


For one night, and one night only, come see Dustin the Magnificent! Here you’ll need to create the perfect tricks to prove you’re a true magician. During the ‘Thats No Easter Bunny’ Event, you’ll have to collect and create various items to complete your quest before time runs out.

Amaz-O’s Magic ExhibitionEdit

Come marvel at the Amazing Jack, applaud cheer and holler for warned any heckling from you and he just might release his Horror Bunnies.
Magic Exhibition
Unlocked Level 10
Minion Spawn 2 bunnies - 90 cards
Minion Spawn 2 1 Bunny - 2000 coins
Boss Spawn $10
Amaz-O (if purchased) Free
Reward Amaz-O Magic Cape
Drop Rate Up to 90%
Respawn Clock 3 hours
Respawn dollars $15 - immediately