Emily is in search of her best friend who went missing in a bad game of hide and go seek, she doesn't want to believe monsters may be responsible but with so much evidence what else can you believe.

Find out all you need to know about the Hero Emily below:

Emily's BioEdit


Emily’s Specs
Unlocked Level
Purchase Price
Produces 79 coins 27 exp
Frequency 3 hours

Emily's Animations & RewardsEdit

  • Do a Handstand - 1hour 15mins

Rewards - Sunflower Seeds, 131 cents & 39 exp

  • Kill the Time on a Hay Bale - 45mins (Requires hay bale to unlock animation)
Rewards - Notebook, 62 cents & 22 exp

  • Rest on a Straw Wagon - 1hour 20mins (Requires straw wagon to unlock animation)
Rewards - Cookies, 113 cents & 35

  • Jump Rope - 1hour 7mins 30secs

Rewards - Sports Drink, 124 cents & 37 exp