We love our fans, and our fans love to win, here are the winners of random contests...

Contest Winning Entry Winner
Choose a super power One super power...time I can always get time enough to sleep, play and complete my work without stress Remy
Stranded on a deserted island I'd choose to be stranded with Inspector Gadget! He'd get us out of anything! Black Cat
Switch Places With A Character In The Game In all honesty? No one. If any of them switched with me, they'd be inflicted on my family and friends... And I'd have to deal with the mess that Horror Town is! But on a less realistic train of thought? Slappy. I have a life that is structured, and mostly safe. I'm a decently kind person who benefits from order and routine. So the right amount of chaos and power could be very fun... For a short time! Allison
If you could choose one house from the game which would you choose Can I just live at the clown academy? Aside from the killer clowns, murderous mimes, knife throwing and other death defying feats it looks cool. It has BALLOONS! I'm sold. Luvmeluvr
Funniest Joke So a thief had been casing a house for weeks and finally the family leaves for vacation. So he breaks in and as he’s loading up his bag with goods he hears a voice, “Jesus is watching you”.  He shine his flashlight around and sees a parrot in the corner of the room and the parrot says, “Jesus is watching you”.  The thief looks at the parrot and says’ “ what’s your name”? The parrot replies, “Moses”. The thief looks at the parrot and says’ “what idiot names their parrot Moses”? The parrot replies ,”the same idiots that named their Rottweiler, Jesus”.
Locked in a store I would be locked in a store called Second and Charles. Second and Charles is a huge book store/consignment shop/ game store/ novelty/ record store  as for the Funko pops someone mentioned they have a wall or two of those with shelves in between Maelgune

Congratulations winners!!!