Firefighter Flores works the fire department  in the spookiest town off all, we can only image the mayhem he's called to

Find out all you need to know about the Neighbour Firefighter Flores below:

Firefighter Flores BioEdit


Firefighter Flores’ Specs
Unlocked Level 19
Purchase Price 12000 coins
Produces 153 coins 43 exp
Frequency 12 hours

Firefighter Flores Animations & RewardsEdit

  • Practice Rescues at Height - 22mins 30secs (Requires bailout prop to unlock animation)
Rewards - Components Kit, 42 cents & 16 exp

  • Take a Break Under a Tree - 3hours (Requires oak tree to unlock animation)
Rewards - Chemical-Y, 119 cents & 36 exp

  • Extinguish a Controlled Fire - 9mins (Requires flame generator to unlock animation)
Rewards - Evidence Record, 27 cents & 12 exp

  • Open a Forcible Entry Prop - 22mins 30secs (Requires forcible entry prop to unlock animation)
Rewards - Walkie Talkie, 42 cents & 16 exp