Jordan is on a mission, his sister is missing and with little help from the police department he's determined to find her with no time to worry about monsters, but the monsters might be the answer.

Find out all you need to know about the Hero Jordan below:

Jordan's BioEdit


Jordan’s Specs
Unlocked Level 25
Purchase Price 36000 coins
Produces 79 coins 26 exp
Frequency 3 hours

Jordan's Animations & RewardsEdit

  • Buy a Book About Law - 8hours (Requires books store to unlock animation)
Rewards - Classic Novel, 219 cents & 57 exp

  • Train for the Football Match - 1hour 15mins

Rewards - Sports Drink, 130 cents & 38 exp

  • Do Aerobics Exercises - 45mins (Requires kick practice field to unlock animation)
Rewards - Bouquet, 61 cents & 22 exp