Shy Ricky is a child who keeps to himself, the only thing he wants is Megan to notice him, which may be the reason for him to come up with some evil plans featured in "Calling All Creeps!"

Find out all you need to know about the Hero Ricky below:

Ricky's BioEdit


Ricky’s Specs
Unlocked Level 23
Purchase Price 24000 coins
Produces 78 coins 26 exp
Frequency 3 hours

Ricky's Animations & RewardsEdit

  • Unleash the Romantic Side - 2hours 45mins

Rewards - Bouquet, 191 cents & 51 exp

  • Take Note for the Next Report - 45mins

Rewards - Notebook, 100 cents & 32 exp

  • Eat a Special Cookie - 1hour 15mins

Rewards - Cookies, 129 cents & 38 exp