Theo Gordon likes to clown around with his collect of throwing knifes and a cannon that shoots people out of it, not to fear there's nothing scary about a clown with knifes featured in "A Nightmare on Clown Street"

Theo Gordon’s Background Edit


Theo Gordon’s Specs
Unlocked Level 7
Purchase Price $280
Produces 94 coins 30 exp
Frequency 3 hours

Theo Gordon’s Animations and Rewards Edit

  • Add Fuel to the Tank - 5mins (requires park bench to unlock animation)

Rewards - Roaches Snack, 22 cents & 10 exp

  • Impress Everyone with Clown Tricks - 15mins

Rewards - x2 Makeup Kit, 62 cents & 22 exp

  • Perform a Middle School Audit - 3hours (requires the middle school to unlock animation)

Rewards - Fingerprint Registry, 144 cents & 42 exp.

  • Jump on the Circus Trampoline - 10mins (requires circus trampoline to unlock animation)

Rewards - Photo Roll, 33 cents & 14 exp

  • Put the Haunted Car up for Sale - 15mins (requires haunted car to unlock animation)

Rewards - Components Kit, 56 cents & 21 exp

  • Throw Knives at the Wheel of Death (requires wheel of death to unlock animation)

Rewards - Bouquet, 60 cents & 22 exp